• I am excited to be a part of multinational teams and work with individuals. Valtech emphasizes priorities in teamwork, with shared goals and vision as a global team of consultants. All of them are driven, positive, energetic people, taking accountability for the work done.

    Igor Shpyn

    .NET/Episerver Consultant

  • It’s a place, where people are constantly developing, including me. Permanent challenges make it possible to do this. If you have any problems, you can always turn to your colleagues, and they will help you — this is the culture code of the company. First and foremost, Valtech is about people.

    Andrii Bondarenko

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant

  • Searching for my first job in IT at the time, I came across a fast-growing company with good prospects and a great people policy. My career at Valtech went beyond my expectations. From my personal experience I know that Valtech provides opportunities to those who want to grow and fairly rewards people according to their achievements. Being a part of a multicultural team, I love creating useful solutions that are complex but maintain good architecture for the end users. I can efficiently collaborate with all my teammates as mutual respect destroys any barriers.

    Anton Dyachuk

    Technical Architect

  • Flexibility, adaptability, leadership - that is how I see Valtech and how I have always envisioned the perfect company for myself. I have no doubt that this is a place where employees are the greatest asset.  I love what I do at Valtech - the challenges, seeking and finding the savvy solutions, and the satisfaction that comes with the delivery of a successful project.

    Yana Podgornaya

    QA Automation Consultant 

  • I strongly believe that at Valtech you have no boundaries. Everyone is always welcome to express their opinion, to try something new and to be themselves. During my Valtech journey from a QA consultant to a Delivery Manager, I was given a chance to get a lot of experience within different projects. Management always heard me and believed in me, giving me the absolute freedom to try, learn and take on responsibility. The most important skill I have developed at Valtech is building the Team instead of having just a group of bright individuals. I love to see how smart, interesting, and talented people come together in support, strong team spirit and motivation to change the business of our Clients and build qualitive, effective and innovative solutions. Being a Valtechie is about having the passion in the heart, loving what you do, being accountable and creative, building impressive value while having fun and believing in changing the world for better.

    Olena Perkova

    Delivery Manager

  • Valtech is a place that broadens the horizons of communication, sharing ideas as well as personal and professional development. Being a part of such a culture, I am passionate about sharing my experience with colleagues to foster best practices within my craft. My team is like a big family - expressive, opinionated, with our share of loud discussions and disputes, but with a clear understanding that everyone is responsible for the overall result at the same time. We are always ready to work hard side by side towards one goal. I believe that only in such an atmosphere the stereotypes can be broken, and out-of-the-box ideas can be born. So, go team!

    Maksim Koshelenko

    QA Automation Consultant 

  • Valtech is about opportunities and people. You feel here not just an employee, but a valuable person. Being here encourages me to grow and develop, I experience it every day, collaborating with colleagues all over the world.

    Nina Dobrunova

    Delivery Manager

  • Valtech is a great place for personal and professional growth. Every working day brings me the fascinating and rewarding experience. More importantly, Valtech — the company where I’ve found not only colleagues, but also soulmates. I am truly delighted that I am a part of the global Valtech family.

    Serhii Kononenko

    Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant

  • Taking part in the development process on a project or having a rest at numerous activities among colleagues, I feel like a part of a large friendly Valtech team. A culture of communication and mutual assistance within the team, a trusting relationship with a client, an emphasis on both trendy modern technologies and time-tested solutions — all of this gives a rise to an excellent product that leads the market and sets the development vector for the entire industry. And that inspires me.

    Victor Korotich

    Frontend Consultant